About Me


Thank you for stopping by my domain, I will be spending much of my time here because I have so much information to share.

I am Donna and very recently I celebrated my 60th birthday.  I had been working in the medical weight loss field for over 20 years; every day I got up, got dressed, drove rush hour traffic, missed lunch and got home very late.  I really hated the routine and the commute but I loved helping people, especially helping people lose weight and eat a nutritionally sound diet.

I grew up overweight, I wasn’t successful with weight loss until I was in my 30’s.  When I finally lost 50 pounds and kept it off, it was because I taught myself about nutrition.  My first job involving weight loss was at an Eating Disorders Clinic for Anorexics, Bulimics, and Compulsive Overeaters. Most of the patients in the clinic came from very dysfunctional families, had histories of sexual abuse, some had been tortured…people that had grown up in unimaginable conditions which caused them to develop an eating disorder.

I grew up in a very normal family, mother and father both worked, I had two brothers and we all went on family vacations together…no dysfunction…so why was I fat?  That is when I started studying nutrition and learned that I could not survive on mashed potatoes and biscuits; well I could survive at the sacrifice of my health and weight.

I believe that all of the chronic health conditions we suffer from today are because of the foods we eat. Every person has their own specific nutritional needs.  I have specific nutritional needs and you have specific nutritional needs; they are probably very different.

My purpose with this website is to make you aware of how to enjoy optimum health by focusing on your specific nutritional needs.

I hope you will stay with me on this journey, you will be glad you did.