Chromium Assessment


Effective For:

  • Forms part of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) to balance blood sugar
  • Helps normalize hunger and reduce cravings
  • Improves lifespan
  • Helps protect DNA and RNA
  • Essential for heart function


Top Foods containing Chromium

Brewer’s Yeast Wholemeal Bread Rye Bread Oysters Potatoes
Wheat Germ Green Peppers Eggs Chicken Apples
Butter Parsnips Cornmeal Lamb Swiss Cheese


  • Vitamin B3 and three amino acids — glycine, glutomic acid, and cystine–combine to form glucose intolerance factor (GTF)
  • Improved diet and exercise

Chromium Assessment

Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR basis. 

_______   Excessive or cold sweats

_______   Cold hands

_______   Need for frequent meals

_______   Frequent carbohydrate cravings

_______   Dizziness or irritability after 6 hours without food

_______   Need for excessive sleep

_______   Lethargy during the day

Total Chromium Score _______

If you scored 2 or more points you need this nutrient.  Please look back at the list of foods containing Chromium.  Over the next few weeks include foods from the list in your diet.

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