Folic Acid Assessment

Folic Acid

Effective For:

  • Critical during pregnancy for development of brain and nerves
  • Always essential for brain and nerve function
  • Needed for utilizing protein
  • Needed for red blood cell formation


  • Works with other B Complex Vitamins, especially B12
  • Best supplemented as part of a B Complex with food

Top foods containing Folic Acid

Wheat Germ Spinach Broccoli Boiled Lentils Boiled Chickpeas
Peanuts Sprouts Asparagus Sesame Seeds Hazelnuts
Cashews Cauliflower Walnuts Avocados

Folic Acid Assessment

Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR basis:

_______   Eczema

_______   Cracked lips

_______   Prematurely graying hair

_______   Anxiety or tension

_______   Poor memory

_______   Lack of energy

_______   Depression

_______   Poor appetite

_______   Stomach pains

Total Folic Acid Score _______

If you scored 2 or more you need this nutrient.  Please review the list of foods containing Folic Acid.  Over the next few weeks try to include these foods in your diet.


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