Potassium Assessment


Effective For:

  • Enables nutrients to move into and waste products to move out of cells
  • Promotes healthy nerves and muscles
  • Maintains fluid balance in the body
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Helps secretion of insulin for blood sugar control to produce constant energy
  • Involved in metabolism
  • Maintains heart functioning
  • Stimulates gut movements


Top foods containing Potassium

Watercress Endive Cabbage Celery Parsley
Zucchini Radishes Cauliflower Mushroom Pumpkin
Molasses Bananas Coconut


  • Magnesium helps to hold Potassium in the cells.

Potassium Assessment

Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR basis. 

_______   Muscle cramps or weakness

_______   Irritability, confusion or mental tiredness

_______   Vomiting or nausea

_______   Swollen abdomen or diarrhea

_______   Low blood pressure

_______   Cellulite

Total Potassium Score _______

If you scored 2 or more you need Potassium.  Please review the list of foods containing Potassium.  Over the next few weeks include foods from the list in your diet.

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