Selenium Assessment


Effective For:

  • Antioxidant properties help to protect against free radicals and carcinogens
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates immune system to fight infections
  • Promotes a healthy heart and helps Vitamin E
  • Required for male reproductive system
  • Needed for metabolism

Top foods containing Selenium


Tuna Oysters Molasses Mushrooms
Herring Cottage Cheese Cabbage Beef Liver
Zucchini Cod Chicken Brazil Nuts**

**Brazil Nuts have 1.919 mg of Selenium–avoid toxic levels


  • Vitamins E, A, and C

Selenium Assessment

Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR basis. 

_______   Frequent infections

_______   High blood pressure

_______   Signs of premature aging

_______   Eye cataracts

_______   Family history of cancer

Total Selenium Score _______

If you scored 2 or more points you need Selenium.  Review the list of foods containing Selenium.  Over the next few weeks include the foods on the list in your diet.


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