Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiencies – Are You Deficient?

The list of signs and/or symptoms of vitamin deficiencies is so lengthy… it would take me too long to type it up and…it would take you too long to read it. Actually most of the things that occur with our bodies that are “out of the norm” are because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

To make this easier to follow I will break down the signs and symptoms into categories.


Any of these could mean you have a vitamin deficiency.

Acne Eczema Brown spots
Athlete’s Foot Dry skin Poor elasticity
Boils Cold Sores Red pimples
Itching Pale Skin Cracked lips
Heat Rash White Heads  


Most of us have some of the symptoms, which means most of us are deficient in some or all of our essential nutrients.  You can go to the Nutritional Assessment section of my website to see how your nutrients measure up.

Hair and Nails

The hair and nail symptoms are plentiful too. The amount of health information that can be gathered just from your hair and nails is amazing.

Brittle or dry hair Dandruff Hangnails
Hair loss White spots on nails Peeling nails
Nail ridges Scaling of cuticle Dull or oily hair
Split nails Premature graying Brittle nails





Eyes, Mouth, and Tongue

Sore tongue Cracked lips Receding gums
Bad breath Mouth ulcers Purple or magenta tongue
White patches on tongue Bloodshot eyes Blurred vision
Cataracts Conjunctivitis Spots in front of eyes
Itchy,burning,watery eyes Macular Degeneration Night blindness
Thrush Tooth decay Gritty eyes


Other Signs and Symptoms

  • Frequent colds or infections
  • Muscle twitching or spasms
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Exhaustion after light exercise
  • Easy bruising
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Poor concentration, poor memory
  • Tingling hands, feet or legs
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Muscle tremors, cramps or spasms

Unusual Signs and Symptoms

The following are signs that you would probably notice quickly but would not associate with a nutritional deficiency. Most of these symptoms can be associated to a deficiency in just one or two nutrients.  I will include the name of the nutrient(s) that you may be deficient in along with the symptom.

  • Burning feet or tender heels – Vitamin B5
  • Mouth over-sensitive to heat or cold –Vitamin B12
  • Prematurely graying hair – Folic Acid and Biotin
  • Bleeding of the gums or nose – Vitamin K
  • Excessive thirst or sweating, – Omega 3 and 6
  • Insomnia, nervousness, or hyperactivity – Magnesium
  • Convulsions, fits or epilepsy history – Magnesium and Manganese
  • Intense food cravings (sweet, salty, spicy) bland foods are unappetizing – Zinc
  • Pungent smells do not bother you – Zinc
  • Dizziness or poor sense of balance –Manganese
  • Cold sweats, cold hands, need frequent meals, frequent carb cravings,  irritability or dizziness after 6 hours without food, and need for excessive sleep – Chromium

I am pretty sure that most of you have experienced some of these symptoms. To find out more about your personal nutritional requirements you can complete the Nutritional Assessments on this website.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. If there are any particular topics you would like to see discussed please let me know that too!






  1. Very informative. I did not know that some of the signs you listed were caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies. I think I need to get my eating more under control because I have several of these signs.

    • Thank you. I do believe that the food we eat is the root of most diseases and people just don’t realize it. If you just change a couple of eating habits at a time, you will see results. Please come back and take the nutritional assessments.

  2. I absolutely love this article. Reading made me realize I need more Magnesium and Manganese. I am buying these two supplements this week to see if they help. I’ll let you know. I do eat a well balanced diet but find that I lose a lot of sleep for no particular reason, and I tend to get light headed a lot. Thanks for the information!

  3. Very interesting reading, thanks! One that stood out to me was burning feet, tender heels. This is something I suffer from but I never in a million years would have linked it to a nutritional deficiency! I do have lots of other symptoms that you have mentioned above but for most of them I would be aware that my diet isn’t great and I need to eat more fruit and veg. But the B5 vitamin I will be looking into now. Thanks again, great article.

    • It is always good to increase our fruits and veggies. A lot of times with the B Vitamins supplementation does help but it is better to take a B-Complex. Some of the other symptoms of low B5 -muscle cramps,lack of energy, anxiety or tension and teeth grinding.

  4. YAY! This has now become my favorite website. I am all about nutrition and staying healthy longer. This information will be very useful. Thanks for the time and effort you have done to make this an incredibly useful stop.

    • YAY! You have made my day. I have enjoyed nutrition for a long time and am thankful for this opportunity. Please stop by often, I have a lot more information to get added, tons of ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  5. Great article! I use to have Eczema, like all the time, but in the last couple of years it has completely gone away. I had no idea why but maybe because I’ve been getting more of the right vitamins? Well according to this article, a lack of vitamin can cause eczema, so that’s the only reason I could think of. What’s your thoughts on this? Thanks for the great post 🙂


    • Eczema is common in children but most outgrow it. It could be that you just outgrew it or your diet did improve. Most eczema sufferers have a low level of Vitamin D. Topical creams will not cure eczema, it has to be done from the inside. Thank you for your comment.

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