Super Vegetables

Brussels Sprouts (fresh and frozen) – Good for maintaining eye health and nervous system. Brussels Sprouts can help in the prevention of diabetes and cancer.

   Endive – Promotes good vision, helps boost your immune system and helps with blood clotting.  Good bone health is another benefit.

Artichoke – Helps with collagen production, DNA formation and repair, nerve function, muscle function, and electrolyte balance.

Okra – Health benefits include appetite regulation, collagen production, vision health, nervous system, red blood cell formation, and metabolism.

Turnip – Benefits collagen production, appetite regulation, vision health, nervous system, red blood cell and DNA formation, and metabolism.

Fennel Bulb (fresh) – Benefits: Energy, Hormone Production, Immune Function, Blood and Bone Health, Heart Health, Cell and DNA repair.

Eggplant – Benefits: Collagen Production, Cell and DNA Formation and Repair, Nerve and Muscle Function, Electrolyte Balance

Ginger Root – Immune Function, Skin Health, Blood Clotting, Bone Health


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