Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Assessment

Vitamin B2 

Effective For:

  • Helps turn fat, sugars and protein into energy.
  • Needed to repair and maintain healthy skin
  • Helps regulate body acidity
  • Important for hair, nails, and eyes


  • Works with other B Vitamins and Selenium. Best supplemented as part of a B Complex with food.

Top  Foods Containing Vitamin B2

Mushrooms Watercress Cabbage Asparagus
Broccoli Pumpkin Bean sprouts Mackerel
Milk Bamboo shoots Tomatoes Wheat germ


Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR  basis. 

_______   Sensitivity to bright lights

_______   Sore tongue

_______   Eye cataracts

_______   Dull or oily hair

_______   Eczema or dermatitis

_______   Split nails

_______   Cracked lips

_______   Bloodshot, burning or gritty eyes

Total Vitamin B2 Score  ________

If you scored 2 or more points you need this nutrient.  Look back over the list of foods that contain B2. Over the next few weeks try to include some of these foods in your diet.


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