Vitamin D Assessment

Vitamin D

Effective For:

  • Helps maintain strong and healthy bones by retaining calcium.
  • Has anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Helps prevent some cancers
  • Helps with depression


Top foods containing Vitamin D

Herring Mackerel Salmon Sardines
Oysters Cottage Cheese Eggs


  • Sufficient exposure to sunlight, as Vitamin D is made by the skin. Under these conditions dietary Vitamin D may not be necessary.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E protect Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Assessment

Score 1 point for each symptom that you experience on a REGULAR basis.  

_______   Back pains

_______   Tooth decay

_______   Hair loss

_______   Muscle twitching or spasms

_______   Joint pain or stiffness

_______   Weak bones

_______   Arthritis or osteoporosis

Total Vitamin D Score _______

If you scored 2 or more points you need Vitamin D.  Look over the list of foods containing Vitamin D. Over the next few weeks include these foods in your diet.  


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